Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Adult Dry Dog Food

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Complete and Balanced Diet Recommended for Small Breed Dogs (up to 20 lbs.) from 10 Months to 8 Years of AgeBody Condition: Meets energy needs without promoting excess weight gain in the small breed adult dog.Meeting the high energy requirements of a small breed dog does not mean giving way to all its demands. Feeding table scraps may promote excess weight, which can be harmful for the health of the adult dog. A well balanced diet with optimal protein and fat levels can help promote an appropriate weight level, allowing for necessary mobilization of energy reserves without reducing muscle tone.L-carnitine, an amino acid found in meat protein, may help optimize the metabolization of fat reserves.Coat Health & Beauty: Healthy skin and a beautiful coat for the small breed adult dog.A beautiful coat and soft, supple skin is the best sign of the dog’s good health. A diet deficient in essential nutrients can have an immediate and visible effect.A formulation enriched in essential fatty acids from salmon and canola oils helps promote a beautiful coat and healthy skin.Antioxidant Vitamins E & C: Anticipates the effects of time for the small breed adult dog.When they are in good health, small breed dogs have a longer life expectancy (average of 15 years), which means additional exposure to the effects of aging. Beginning in adulthood, it is important to provide a diet that may help delay the effects of time, such as kidney and heart function and dental problems.The antioxidant properties of vitamins C, E, and lutein coming from blueberries, alfalfa, and spinach may help prepare the adult dog for a long life.Wholesome & Natural Food with Vitamins and MineralsNatural, wholesome ingredients like chicken, salmon, rice, and oatmeal have each been carefully selected for their superior nutrient values (protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals). Every Royal Canin diet is formulated to provide the optimal combination of these nutrients to provide the best possible nutritio

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