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Pet Food Ratings is a reference service to help you make an informed decision when buying dog or cat food.

I created Pet Food Ratings circa 2008 as a study on pet food ingredients and analysis for dogs and cats. What prompted me to do so was my cat Rodney, and a reflection of his later years on a well known vet-prescribed expensive diet. It wasn’t until after his passing did I consider the food I’d been giving him and the consequences of feeding him that specific diet.

Rodney, like many cats, had renal failure in his later years. At the age of 14 he was diagnosed and given 6 months to live, but he didn’t pass until the ripe old age of 21. For that 7 year period I exclusively fed him the prescription diet. I was proud he lived for so many years despite being given a mere 6 months. A good thing, right?

Well, no…

That 7 year period he didn’t have much of a life. He had no energy, he became weak, and was a shadow of the cat I knew and loved. He had bowel problems which eventuated in me helping him extract stools, and I hate to think the amount I had to pay in medications and vets bills during that time. In those 7 years he wasn’t Rodney.

What shocked me was the facts were so glaringly obvious. The main ingredient in the prescription diet was brewers rice, a waste product from beer brewing with next to no nutritional value. Cats are obligate carnivores! It’s an undeniable fact, a cat should not be fed waste grain by-products even when they’re healthy! Also, for any cat, even without renal failure, water is the most fundamental part of their diet. Feeding a dry food to a cat with renal failure is completely, undeniably, wrong! I beg anyone, including the corporations who make these expensive prescription diets, to dispute these facts!

I’d trusted the advice of my vet without question. I considered them a professional, and took their word for granted. It wasn’t until later I discovered vets cover very little about nutrition, a scant 24 hours over the course of a Veterinary Science degree. Worse than that, the coursework they’re given is catered for by the same huge corporations that provide the food they’re taught to recommend.

What Pet Food Ratings is about is simple, factual information. It takes a look under the bonnet of a pet food and offers you information which is readily available – all you need to do is Google it or open a book. This website offers you a starting point into what is very much a profit-first not a pet-first industry.

Many ask about my credentials. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree, but it’s not in veterinary science. That said, my journey through the pet food industry has brought me into close contact with pet food manufacturers, directors, staff, vets, professors in veterinary science, and literally thousands of consumers. What I’ve learned first hand from the pet food industry is infinitely more than I would’ve learned from 24 hours syllabus on a veterinary science degree with questionable corporate influence.


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