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Since 2007 I have been reviewing dog foods and cat foods, specifically dry kibbles. I’m a qualified pet nutritionist with many years experience in pet food formulations and marketing.

The sad truth is almost all dog and cat foods are restricted in nutrition because the real cost of formulating a nutritious product is more than most consumers are willing to pay.

Choosing the right pet food for your dog or cat is vital to not only their short term health but long term health as well. For this reason you must understand what is in the pet food product you are feeding.

I hope you enjoy these reviews and learn a little about the truth of pet food.

Recent Dry Dog Food Reviews

Recent Dry Cat Food Reviews

About Pet Food Ratings

Pet Food Ratings is a collection of unbiased, independent dog food reviews and cat food reviews.

I became involved in the pet food industry shortly after the melamine recalls of 2007, when it became clearly apparent how dangerous pet foods can be. Before then we’d all been very cleverly fooled by marketing.

Nobody questioned the basics, like why do we feed our carnivorous cats grains? Are dogs omnivores, or are they really carnivores based on their dental structure and digestive system?

Many years later, in the 2020s, I’ve had a wealth of experience with pet food manufacturers, retailers, veterinary professors, vets, and government regulations. The reviews on this website, and others I have been involved in, have led to growing awareness worldwide, but pet food still isn’t as safe, or healthy, as you may think.

What dog or cat food do you feed? Perhaps a good starting point is reading our respective review…!

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