Purina Hydra Care Review (Cats)

Purina Hydra Care Review

Get this – many cats suffer renal failure, urinary tract disease, UTIs, kidney stones, urinary crystals, and all manner of health issues because of lack of moisture in the diet. There’s a simple reason for this which Purina won’t tell you, which is dry cat foods cause these issues.

Yes, that’s right. Cats suffer greatly from processed kibble without moisture.

As desert animals cats are not proactive drinkers. In the wild, as predators, their moisture comes from eating prey.

Domestic cats are denied moisture because of us, and because dry cat food manufacturers don’t cater for this #1 fundamental requirement of canine nutrition.

So what does Purina do? They sell you dry food without moisture, likely the key reason so many cats die before their years, and now they’ve come up with a clever ploy to sell that moisture to you as a separate product.


In our Purina Hydra Care review we’ll take a good look at what this scientific supplement for cats really is.

Purina Hydra Care review

What the marketing says

Purina market Hydra Care as a “nutrient-enriched water that promotes hydration in cats”, containing “nutritional osmolytes, which aid in the absorption of water at a cellular level and helps cats get the hydration they need”.

The guaranteed analysis of this very expensive feline supplement is Moisture (max) 97.0%, and by that they mean water.

Even if the remaining 3% is nutritional, do you think such a small amount justifies the cost? Seriously, the cost of the packaging will be more than such few scant ingredients.

And that’s if those ingredients are beneficial. We’ll dig into that further over the course of our Purina Hydra Care review, so sit tight.

What the label really says

We touched on Purina Hydra Care being 97% moisture, and it’s surprising they don’t list air on the guaranteed analysis. They also state crude protein as 2%, which would be beneficial to your cat if it came from meat (they’re carnivores, right?).

It looks like the 2% protein comes from a token amount of whey protein isolate. That’s the stuff gym junkies drink for breakfast to build muscle, but in my senior years I’ve never met a cat who went to the gym. Fair enough, it may provide some benefit to your cat, but it’s such a tiny amount and meat would be the better option.

Glycine is another small inclusion. It’s an amino acid naturally found in meat, fish, and dairy, so yet again you’re better off letting your cat get this stuff from more species appropriate foods.

Glycerin (or glycerol) is a humectant with suggestive evidence that your cat may be able to metabolize it and use it for energy without compromising health. Whether it does or not doesn’t matter too much, as we already know there’s not much glycerin in Purina Hydra Care.

We find a couple of flavors – liver flavor and natural flavor. You’re better off giving real liver to your cat, perhaps once every week or two, and it’s cheap to buy. As for “natural flavor” – what do you think they mean by that?

Still reading? Make sure you read the Purina Hydra Care review summary below to offer your cat moisture without paying a lot of money for it. It will help you really give your cat a good chance of better health.

Where to buy

If you really want to pay for water, this is where to buy Purina Hydra Care:

Review summary

If you knew how many cats suffered illness and death from lack of moisture in the diet it would break your heart. These are some of the biggest killers of cats in the modern day.

But don’t worry, as offering your cat moisture in their diet is as simple as it sounds. If you feed your cat dry food, then make sure you feed them some kind of moisture rich food as well.

Wet cat food is mostly moisture. BARF cat food is too. Fresh meat, offal, animal fats are all rich in moisture, and very species appropriate for a cat as an obligate meat-eating carnivore.

Water is also a great way to offer your cat moisture! The problem here is cats suck at drinking. Water fountains from your local pet store, online retailer, or Amazon, may entice your cat to drink water if all else fails.

Purina Hydra Care is just another alternative to giving your cat moisture in the diet. It’s an expensive way of doing so, but it would still work.

We hope our Purina Hydra Care review has informed you truthfully, and we hope your cat benefits as a result of this information! Moisture is key!

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Ingredients of Purina Hydra Care supplement for cats:

Water, glycine, whey protein isolate, glycerin, guar gum, liver flavor, natural flavor, potassium chloride. B250220

Guaranteed Analysis

Guaranteed analysis of Purina Hydra Care supplement for cats:

Moisture(max) 97%
Crude Protein(min) 2%
User Rating: 2.67 (6 votes)

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