It’s a Dog’s Life – Dog’s in human situations!

It’s a Dog’s Life – Dog’s in human situations!

It’s often said that dogs resemble their owners or have human qualities. What if dogs really did do human things, daily chores, played poker, read books, and washed cars?

It’s hard to imagine, so here’s a few photos of dogs doing just that – dogs doing human things!


Dogs Life 005
Better wash the car before work.

Dogs Life 002

Dogs Life 003
It’s a dogs life – working hard to earn the bucks.

Dogs Life 004
You can’t beat a good lunch break.



Dogs Life 006

It’s great to check emails after work, or catch up on the latest doggy news.

Dogs Life 008
Time for some reading… and better pay the bills.

Dogs Life 007
Some poker with the gang.

Dogs Life 001
Popcorn and tv.

Dogs Life 000



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